Want a Better Offer? Market the Special Amenities Close to Your Home!


When preparing a home for sale, often you are dealing with a whole lot of logistics and people. Managing painters, landscapers, handymen, stagers and photographers takes up time and agents often overlook marketing location.

On a weekly basis, we get a number of questions about the local area around our listings. Many buyers are new to the area and have lots of questions about location of your home. If buyers are able to get excited about the location of your home then they will make better offers!

Great amenities around your home may include award-winning schools, shopping centers, specialty stores, movie theatres, restaurants, community parks, community pools, and great freeway access. The more you and your agent are able to present to a buyer, the better.

Another factor in a location is proximity to great employers. If your home is near big employment centers or big employers are moving into the area, those employers can be great avenues for marketing your home. Buyers prefer shorter commutes, so there should be a plan to market to any job seekers in your area.

There can also be negatives to your location. There may be issues with the local schools, extra commute times to work or proximity to harmful, noisy roads.  Rather than ignore the negatives, it is important to address and come up with solutions that will work for the buyer. While fixing some location issues is not possible, it is usually possible to find alternate solutions to satisfy buyers and get them excited.

Summing up, one of the most important skills a real estate agent will bring to a seller is the ability to market location. Do you want to learn more? Contact us at www.ThompsonGroupAZ.com or 602-753-0177 today!


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