Save $1000s and Headaches!

Inspect the primary and secondary drain pipes on your house monthlyNotice the picture to the left — you will see two pipes coming out of the exterior of the home. The lower pipe is called the primary drain and is for the air conditioning’s primary drain pan. The upper pipe is called the secondary drain and is for the air conditioning’s secondary drain pan.

On any given day, the primary drain will discharge 8 to 12 gallons of condensation or water from cooling the home. When the primary drain and secondary drain become clogged, the drain pans overflow into the attic and cause water damage where the HVAC unit is located. This usually results in damage to the ceiling of the home directly under the HVAC unit and the insulation in the attic.

An easy way to prevent this from happening is to inspect the primary and secondary drains monthly. At any time, if you see water flowing from the secondary drain, this means that the primary drain is clogged and it is time to call out an A/C technician. Most A/C techs will be able to clear the primary drain and disaster will be avoided.


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